The Story Behind the WebbedUp DWY
Website Program

We love entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, startups, and small business owners – after all, that is who we are too. And we think that is why this program is so close to the spirit of what our goal is – to empower people in business with the training and support to make their websites work for them.

It all started with code and cake.

We are a group of technical and creative pros who enjoy building together. Our clients come to us with a number of different requests, but everyone has one thing in common – they want their website to do more for them.

Some of us remember when only a small percentage of businesses were online, and even less of them knew what to do with their online presence. Even though that era is long gone, there are still people in business who are struggling with how to make their website work for them. We hear a lot of things like, “I started a site on Wix but I really don’t know what to do first,” or “What should I put on my homepage?” We get it. The tools and tutorials are there, but where are the instructions on how this applies to you and your business?

Enter a new era of website building for people who want to have control over their website without spending hours learning how to do it – WebbedUp DWY (Do it With You) bridges the gap between DFY (Do it For You) and DIY (Do it Yourself).

A little background on why cake is part of our story...

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of how boxed cake mixes became a staple in American kitchens, check out this brief and fascinating history.

Having knowledge and ownership over something you create is important. We don’t want to erase that, we want to empower you with it. Just as you don’t have to be a world-class baker to create a beautiful and delicious cake, you also don’t have to be a world-class website designer to create a beautiful and effective website. Just add a couple of eggs.

Your control over your online destiny is important to us.

After working with companies and individuals at all stages of business in a DFY (Do it for You) model, we noticed that more and more people wanted to know how to do things on their own. So, we started adding training sessions for our clients to show them how to update their websites and add new features.

This became so popular among our entrepreneur and startup clients that we designed an entire program specifically for people in business like them. 

Custom website results without the custom website price? We heard, “Yes, please!”

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Joining the waitlist is completely free! You’ll get pre-launch access to our pros and private peeks at the program. Since enrollment is limited, you’ll also have the option to sign up with discounts before anyone else. Sound good? Let’s roll. 

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